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Rodney K. Thomas
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JITTERS: Season 1

Genre: Horror | Released On: 12/05/2017 | Category: Short Form Film Series

Everyone has had something strange, horrifying and downright scary happened to them that gave them the JITTERS. This series aim to expose those events in a sequence of short horror clips that will send JITTERS through your body.


The Trail

A couple taking a normal jog in the woods, turned out to be horrifying for her.


Samantha OCD has literally become the death of her.


She though it was time for bed but she was dead wrong.

In Dream

Penelope single and alone getting ready for bed, but her deadly dream haunted her.

Sleep Walker

Sleep Walker: It has been said never wake a sleep walker it may kill them, but what if the one doing the sleep walking is you.

Not For Sale

Morgan an astute Real Estate Broker is trying to sell a house but the house doesn’t want to be sold.

Cry Baby

A woman comes home from a long day at work to be confronted by and unforeseen entity.


A couple wants to spend time alone in a vacant apartment but they were everything but alone.
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